Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Service

DOT Inspection  

Perform Annual DOT Inspection on Light-Duty Vehicles, Install Sticker and Complete Form.

15 Point Oil Change Service

Change Oil and Filter, Lube Chassis, Check Tire Pressure, Check all Fluid Levels, Add Windshield Washer Fluid, Check Air Filter, Check Belts and Hoses.

Battery, Starter, Charging System 

Testing alternator, Starter and Battery for correct operation and Installation.

Filter Replacement

Install Air, Fuel and In-Cabin Filters.

Differential Service

Change Fluids In Front and/or Rear Differentials.

Drive Belt Inspection And Replacement

Check Drive Belts, Idler Pulleys, Tensioner and Replace as Needed.

Radiator Hose And Heater Hose Inspection And Replacement

Check All Heater and Radiator Hoses and Replace as Needed.

Exterior Light Inspection

Check and Replace as necessary All Lights.

Brake Fluid Change

Draining and Adding Correct Fluid, Bleeding Brake System to remove Contaminants from Brake System Saving Brake Calipers, Wheel Cylinders, Hoses, Master Cylinder and ABS Valve.


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